With sound guiding principles, the Council conducts its work towards the future where every Ontarian enjoys good mental health and well-being throughout their lifetime, and all Ontarians with mental illness or addictions can recover and participate in welcoming, supportive communities.



Diversity and equity are core principles of the Strategy. They include recognition of the need for appropriate and accessible services, greater participation and voice for marginalized communities in Ontario

The Ministry is supporting a parallel engagement process with Indigenous communities to identify where and how they can build on existing initiatives, what culturally appropriate services are needed and what opportunities exist for enhanced cross-sector collaboration

The Ministry is also engaging with LHINs, French Language Health Planning Entities, government partners and other members of the Francophone community to determine efficient ways to address French-language mental health and addictions service gaps

The Council will be actively involved in supporting these two engagement processes

The Council is committed to applying an equity lens to all of its activities. The Health Equity Impact Assessment Tool is being used to understand and address the negative health outcomes in diverse marginalized communities

The Council is also engaging with the Anti-Racism Directorate to identify additional mechanisms to apply an anti-racism and anti-oppression lens on its work and recommendations


Recovery is a core principle of the Strategy.  The Council appreciates in particular the significant challenge involved in the shift to a truly recovery-oriented system. In such a system the individual is an engaged partner in their own recovery and people with lived experience are involved in service planning, delivery and evaluation. 

Genuine progress will require an investment in the development of standards, capacity building, professional education, supports, research and evaluation, and services.


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